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Room of Choice Delivery:

Delivery to the Room of Your Choosing: We will deliver your merchandise to the room of your choice. When entering your house, our delivery personnel is required to wear a mask. To find out if this service is offered in your region, please contact your local Timber shop.

Contactless/Threshold Delivery:

Our delivery staff will bring items to the exterior of the residence at the threshold, front door, porch, or garage. If necessary, we will take photographs and communicate by phone and text.

If necessary, the legs will be fitted (if placing on tile or hardwood floors, you should be prepared to install felt pad protection). Furniture will be delivered to the room of your choice. The locks on the sofa beds and recliners will be removed. Backs and handles will be placed together on recliners.

Tips and Tricks for a Great Delivery Experience

1.Measurements should be taken ahead of time to guarantee that the products you buy will fit. If your purchase is a tight fit, you have the option of accepting our delivery attempt by releasing us from duty for any potential damage to your house or property (a signed release is necessary), or returning to the shop to make a different choice.


2.All pets should be secured, and access to the home, including the driveway and walkway, should be clear of impediments, debris, and snow or ice. Please take precautions to safeguard the internal flooring.


3.Make sure the space where you wish to put fresh items is clean and tidy.


4.Ascertain that a responsible adult is present to accept and acknowledge delivery in good condition.


5.In order for the Delivery Team to assist with any laundry hook-ups or installs, you must have purchased new hoses (from Timber) for washers and a metal dryer vent hose.


6.Felt pad protection should be required when laying upholstery on tile or hardwood flooring, and can be ordered before to delivery or included in your order.