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Home soundproof windows

Feb 25,2022 | Timber

Home soundproof windows 1. Which type of windows to choose? The window types include casement type and fixed type. In terms of sound insulation effect, the fixed type window has the best sound insulation effect, but this kind of window is only suitable for non-opening but Where there is a demand for lighting; the sound insulation effect of casement windows is better than that of sliding windows, and you can choose the appropriate window type according to your own needs. 2. Look at what material Soundproof window materials are divided into ordinary soundproof windows, hollow soundproof windows, multi-layer hollow soundproof windows, pvb laminated glass and vacuum soundproof windows. Among these kinds of soundproof windows, vacuum soundproof windows have the best sound insulation effect. Or the noise with high energy, the sound insulation effect is not very good; the sound insulation effect of the multi-layer hollow sound insulation window is general, but it is not easy to break. 3. Look at the sealing performance of soundproof windows. The sealing performance refers to the sealing degree of the window, including the sealing of the glass and the frame. The sealing of the frame and frame after closing the window, and the sealing of the window and the wall after installation, they together affect the sealing performance of the window. It is the sealing strip that determines the sealing degree of the window, which greatly reduces the sealing effect. The rubber sealing strip is easy to harden and age after being exposed to wind, sun and rain, which also reduces its sealing effect. Fourth, buy soundproof windows in regular home shopping malls. Some owners plan to save money and buy soundproof windows in some small stores. However, if they find that the quality of the windows is faulty afterwards, most of the owners cannot find the merchants to compensate. If the owners buy in regular home furnishing stores, Even if the store where you buy something can't find it, it will solve the problem for the owners. Three elements are selected for soundproof windows: 1. The outer frame contacts the concrete wall and the sealing of the inner frame. 2, the inner frame, and the tightness of the inner frame. 3. The soundproof window uses the glass type soundproof window function. Pay attention to the watertightness, air tightness, wind pressure resistance and noise attenuation of the soundproof window. Soundproof windows, but the effect is not a panacea. Because the principle of soundproof windows is to install the frame material hard to stick, and then use thick glass to guard against indoor and outdoor noise. Generally speaking, double windows must have better sound insulation than single windows and sound insulation windows are far better than the other window, and sound insulation windows are more sealed than ordinary windows. Usually ordinary windows can be filled with glass, with a maximum thickness of about 8mm, but in the face of noise exceeding 80-90 decibels (dB), or can not achieve sufficient silence. The glass portion above is only 8mm and does not contain the aluminum window slit factor. Therefore, when the ordinary window is closed, the audio frequency of the window can be reduced by more than ten decibels, and the sound insulation and sound insulation windows of Beljing can be reduced by 41 decibels. Therefore, as long as the gap of the aluminum window is small, the sound insulation effect is guaranteed to be extraordinary under the important conditions of thick acoustic BER glass and good sound insulation construction quality.