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How to choose a comfortable sofa

Feb 25,2022 | Timber

The word sofa is a foreign word, which is translated from the English "sofa". Throughout the history of furniture in my country, the futon can be related to it. However, compared with modern sofas, in addition to structure and size, the biggest difference between futons and modern sofas is the comfort.

In modern life, when we come home after work, the furniture we have the longest contact with is the sofa, besides the bed. We sit on the sofa to watch TV, play with mobile phones, read books, and even chase and play, which is very important for the comfort of the sofa. The degree requirements are greatly increased. So, how to choose a comfortable sofa that satisfies you?

1. The fabric and material determine the comfort of the sofa
Leather or fabric, what kind of sponge, these all determine the comfort of the sofa. In daily life, there are three common sofa fabrics: fabric, leather and wood. Fabric sofas are often used in European-style living rooms. In addition to being more comfortable than wooden sofas, fabric sofas have another important feature. The seat cover and quilt cover of some fabric sofas can be removed for cleaning, which is more convenient for daily cleaning.

2. The main frame of the sofa affects the comfort
The comfort of the sofa is also related to the main frame of the sofa. If the sofa frame is loose and swaying, it will not only affect the service life of the sofa, but also cause the human body to lie on it, causing discomfort in light cases, and bad shape in severe cases.

When buying a sofa, we can hold the sofa with our hands and shake it back and forth. At the same time, we can sit on the sofa and shake to see if the structure of the sofa feels loose; we can also unzip the bottom zipper under the sofa seat to check the sofa. Whether the framing material is log hardwood and whether it is planed, scarred, decayed, and moth-eaten.